hansapraful culture

Hansa:Praful Culture Matlab?? Praful:Hansa..Culture . . . Wo Aapna Mali Hai Na . . . Hansa:Haa Jee.. Praful:To Jab To Thak Jata Hai To Uski Maa Us Se Kya Kehti The…?? Hansa:Wo Kehti The Beta Tu Thak Gaya Hai Na To Tu Kal Chad…?? Praful :Samjhi Kal _Chad . .

I guess that I’m the loser

I guess that I’m da loser Cause u hav found some1 new But I’m still here, still all alone Just crying over u

m0st c0nfusing d0uble meaning j0ke

M0st C0nfusing D0uble Meaning J0ke. . . Girl: Aaj Office Jaaty Hi B0ss Mujh Pe Charh Gya, Frnd: Kyun ??? Girl: W0h Main Late Gai Thi Naaa. =P =D

Baarisho’n k mausam main

Yaadai’n jaag jati hyn Barisho’n k mausam main Har ghari satati hyn Barisho’n k mausam main Shaambhi kisi surat Chain se nahi kat’ti Subhai’n bhi satati hyn Barisho’n k mausam main Zehen k jharokey main Jab koi sada ubhrey Aankhai’n bheeg jati hyn Baarisho’n k mausam main

Happy Navratri Quotations

May Your Family Be Blessed With Love, Grace And Prosperity Of Goddess Durga. Let Us Share Our Joy And Fun. Wish You A Happy Navratri

Rath Yatra SMS in English

This Is A Land Marking Hindu Festival Celebrated In Middle Of The Year (June And July). Every Year, It Congregates More Than A Million Pilgrims. It Is The Only Day In The Hindu Calendar Where The Pilgrims Do Not Go Into The Temple. Happy Rath Yatra

Long after our anniversary

Long after our anniversary And this greeting has been thrown away Think of the thought behind it, Each and everyday, Happy Anniversary

Good Night Dreams

Dreaming Of One Special Person Makes My Night Worthwhile, The Thought Of You Being Around Makes Me Smile, I Have Realized Being With You Is The Best Moments I Have Ever Had, And Loving You Is What I Always Desire To Do Forever, Lets Meet In Your Dreams. Good Night.

When You Touched My Soul

All Along, I Have Heard People Talk About Love, Seen A Lot Of Things Happen Because Of Love But Never Felt It Until When You Touched My Soul…