tum mre 7 me tere 7

Tum Mre 7 Me Tere 7 Asman B 7 Samndar B 7 To Hmesha Rha Mere 7 Jena B 7 Marna B 7 Hansna B 7 Rona B 7 Q K Aaj Date B 7 Month B 7 Bomb Blast Bhi 7

Most Beautiful Morning Sms

Mornings Are The Most Beautiful Time Of The Day! So Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face And Make The Most Of This Morning! Have A Great Morning!

Gift of Hug from Me to You

Got a gift for you! No cost! No batteries required! Tax free, Performs silently, extremely personal! Fully returnable! Its a hug from ME to You!!

kuj bughz di reet vich nai milda

Kuj Bughz Di Reet Vich Nai MiLda O’ Haar Te Jitt Vich Nai MiLda MakhLooQ-e KHÜDÄ NaaL Pyar tey Kr RÄB Sirf Maseet Vich Nai MiLda KALAM: SULTAN BAHOO

Happy Diwali Greetings Wishes

Fl –/I_I DELIVERY L (0) _I_ (0)_1 Look! It’s A Van I Have Sent Loaded With Love And Care It Has Come To Bring All These Wishes From Me To You This Diwali. HAPPY DIWALI

If things r happening

If things r happening according to ur wish, u r lucky! But if they r not, u r very lucky, Bcoz they r hapning according to God’s wish!

Happy Women’s Day to Mother

A beautiful women, a great friend and a wonderful mother. You are all this to me and much more… I feel so lucky and proud to have a mom like you. Happy Women’s Day to Mother

Expressing deep love on rose day

I Gave You My Heart, Not Because Of How You Look But Because I Love You And Respect You So Deeply. Happy Valentines Day My Love

Karbala Sms In Urdu

Jo Zulm Peh La’nat Na Kare, Aap La’een Hai Jo Jabar Ka Munkir Nahi, Woh Munkire Deen Hai (Faiz Ahmed Faiz)